Bentwood Chair Today

Even today the bentwood chair acts a part in the modern hotel furniture.

Its unique shapeliness gets transferred into the modern hotel furniture design of today. To fit the “Nr.14”in the restaurant furniture of today, its elegant curves and its clarity were combined with bright colors and new materials like plastic steel or aluminum. Thonets creation appears in a new light. The “Comeback” of this classical chair created a new modern style used for young cafes and restaurants of today where he has not lost his unique charming. Continue Reading

Concrete Blonde Opens in Kings Cross – So what do we think of their Chairs

Ive decided to start commenting about Furniture Fitouts in all venues across Sydney and other cities around Australia and what I actually think about the chairs they use and table settings. With this in mind I decided to visit Concrete Blonde the new 2 million dollar fitout that just opened up in Kings Cross
tucked in the corner opposite Hugos Bar Pizza Continue Reading