Quasar Khanh

We would like to introduce you an amazing and very talented designer and architect QUASAR KHANH.

"Quasar Khanh"

Quasar Khanh

He was born in1934 in Hanoi, Vietna. In 1950’s he graduated from Ecole National des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris Builds Maniquagan Dam in Quebec, Canada. Armed with an engineering diploma from “Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees,” Quasar Khanh initially worked on large civil urban projects where he showed great flair for functional design. Over the years he has tackled everything from bicycles, bridges, and fashion to inflatable furniture design.

The exclusive furniture collection designed by Quasar Khanh was made using aluminum cast that has been mounded in sand cast and polished by hand. Each of the products within the collection is pieces of art that fuse elegance with function. They work in residential or contract settings and are offered in a wide range of tables, chairs, benches, lamps, and barstools that allow designers to mix and match in unique combinations to customize the space at hand.

"Quasar Barstool"

"Quasar Khanh Armchair"

"Quasar Khanh Lamp"

With his multi – level tables, his comfortable yet eye-opening dining chairs and bar stools, and an array of furniture and objects, Quasar Khanh is as inspiring as his creations, which blend function and timeless elegance. Quasar Khanh’s furniture collection is popular in Europe and Asia.

"Quasar Khanh"

"Quasar Khanh Collection"

It can be seen in Les Marches Palais des festival Cannes in Cannes, in the luxury hotel ” Maison Polanska Siem Reap”, in the bar ” Q Bar Saigon”, in the hotel ” La Maison D’ambre Phnom Penh”. They look absolutely stunnning !

We are happy to announce that B Seated Global is an exclusive distributor of Quasar Khanh’ furniture. Each of the products within the collection is pieces of art that fuse elegance with function. Be the first restaurant, cafe , shop or beauty salon that has these pieces of art. Differentiate yourself, Be exclusive!


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