Top 3 Wedding Chairs

Wedding ceremony chairs can make an unique impact on the layout and decorations of your wedding reception. A number of chairs could make your colour combo get noticed. There are various types of wedding ceremony chairs now gaining momentum in the wedding business. I will simply point out some popular ones.

Tiffany Chairs

Tiffany Chairs are elegant and beautiful, they are perfect for different events but for the wedding Tiffany chairs are the best. These decorative wedding chairs are simply beautiful and offer style and class that is nearly unmatched.

Ghost Chairs

In true baroque style, this stunning replica of Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Armchair (2002 Design) retains the timeless elegance of 18th Century France in a modern chair. This fabulous design will suit almost all styles of dining tables. Made with durable and weather resistant polycarbonate, the designer ghost chair adds a stylish edge to all events.

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Resin White Folding Chairs

These chairs have been a longtime favourite for all sorts of outdoor ceremonies and events. As seen on the big and small screen, the NES Reliable White Resin Folding Chair is an attractive seating option which doesn’t break the budget. Resin Folding Chairs add a touch of classic elegance to any event. In addition, these chairs are easy to set-up and take-down, and stack away neatly when they are no longer needed.

Just remember that the balance in material/elements is extremely important to bring out the best in any item. This is a guideline all of us use in our dressing, cooking, baking etc so why not apply it to events and weddings? For example, we generally do not add lots of sugar to a cupcake mix and top it off with even more icing, and then serve it with ice cream. Likewise, a roomful of linen-laid tables should ideally be balanced with beautiful chairs such as the Tiffany chair or others, and you will be surprised at how your flowers, linen and settings would pop because the focus is not overtly on fabric.

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