The Fish Shop, Potts Point

Another our amazing client is The Fish Shop, Potts Point. The Fish Shop is a seafood restaurant, the joint venture of Bistrode CBD Chef Jeremy Strode and Justin Hemmes.

The menu features all your fishy favourites while the fitout, inspired by Nantucket and The Hamptons, is fun and lively. The menu consists of reasonably priced perennial favourites that many Aussies grew up with; most of the food can be served quickly; a few items are casually served in paperware; and the staff seem keen, unharried, and knowledgeable.

The Fish Shop’s design has been inspired by seaside settings found in famous American favourites such as The Hamptons and Nantucket.The Fish Shop restaurant has a beachside charm with its tin-shack aesthetics, high stool seating. Seashells line the restaurant’s walls and staff strut around in blue and white striped Jean Paul Gaultier t-shirts.

(Bar stools are made by B Seated Global Company)

My favorite thing in this restaurant is the menu. It looks like a newspaper, called “Reel News” with a headline “Fish Taken by Great White”. The menu is simple but at the same time very interesting and unique.

What do you think of that? Do you like the design?


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