Cafe Furniture and How to Choose It

Cafe Furniture

Cafe chairs or cafe furniture in general are relaxed and informal by design encouraging patrons to feel relaxed while dining or enjoying a morning coffee. Cafe tables perfectly accommodate people and large groups, while still allowing enough space to be comfortable. Cafe Tables can easily be joined together in a ad-hoc manner to accommodate for large groups of friends etc. Cafe furniture works very well as casual bar furniture or outdoor chairs because even though it is casual by nature, it is also strong and weather resistant. Cafe chairs are designed to be comfortable, but they rarely have padded backs or seats. The table bases are designed to be strong enough to withstand abuse from customers and constant relocation and dragging along a variety of floor surfaces.

In hotels and resorts you will often see cafe furniture set up as indoor chairs in very large rooms where the interior designers try to separate large areas with colour blocks and the best use of colour is always seen in furniture used for cafes.  The outdoor indoor chairs can come with or without arms and are capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions found all over Australia. Cafe chairs can be paired with any of complimentary tables which are ready for you to mic and match from our table base and table top sections of this site. Outdoor furniture and cafe tables make eye catching display tables for entertaining, as well as home use.

How to choose your cafe furniture?

What is the look and feel you are aiming at achieving? How would you like your customers to move around your venue? Let the theme of the restaurant determine the type of cafe furniture you choose.

Will food and drinks be served outside ? Then weatherproof furniture is in order. Outdoor furniture that is also easy to move around will be an answer to this category.

For indoor use, cafe furniture should be welcoming. If the venue is dedicated to sandwiches, wraps and coffee, ottomans and couches and armchairs can be used, they should be comfortable and firm at the same time the sort of furniture that evokes real living room gatherings. Aim for cafe furniture that maximises the available floor space of the establishment, without being obvious about it. People who frequent cafes are types who are educated enough to know that a retail business needs to make a return on investment and one way to do this is to have enough space for more people to come and partake of whatever the shop has to offer without making them feel cramped and packed in to the venue to tightly. The goal is to make sure that the cafe furniture lets the customers sit in a comfortable way, not feeling crowded in at all while enticing enough to encourage long-term business. Slim line bar stools are modern ways to conveniently dress up cafe corners that are too small for the traditional upholstered couch types.

The furniture of choice must be in line with the whole restaurant theme. Think about the the whole design concept and the dynamics of the store when considering which kind of cafe furniture to embellish the retail establishment with.

Ideal cafe furniture must have no sharp corners and is ideally easy to sanitize for hygienic reasons. Modern cafe; furniture means ergonomically designed chairs and tables with smooth, easy to clean and stain resistant surfaces. Use friendly colours that are in tune with the business logo. Practical cafe chairs are usually stackable too, for operational reasons like when the service staff need to clean the place after store hours, or when moving or doing maintenance jobs.

Last thing to consider in picking cafe furniture is the type of clientele expected. Diners and drinkers usually do not want over the top furniture but would also not want to be underestimated. Simple and understated, yet comfortable and high quality is the formula that is considered to be most effective for both middle and upper class casual diners cafe goers.

What do you think of it? Which interior do you prefer for a cafe?

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