The Argyle Street Inn

One of our clients is The Argyle Street Inn. This was formerly the “Plough and Harrow” built as a single-storey Inn by Samuel Arnold.In 1841 he established a wheelwright business on the corner of Hill and Argyle Street, later building the “Plough and Harrow” opposite in Argyle Street. Tenure was given to John Galvin who later bought the “Camden Inn” from the Lakemans in 1855.

The building’s appearance has altered over the years but the old columns remaining along the footpath clearly indicate its early beginnings. It is still used for the purpose for which it was built. From the outside the restaurant looks small but when you open the doors you can really see how grand the place is. There are three different areas : the public bar, the bistro and the outdoor terrace, which looks amazing with green sofas and a big fireplace.

The interior of that place is unique and interesting.This place just feels new and clean, while still having some charm to it. The walls are decorated with plants that gives a fresh look to it. Overall, there is an airy and open feeling about this pub/cafe which was very welcoming.

(All chairs, bar stools and sofas are made by B Seated Global)

So what do you think of it?


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