The color wheel of restaurant furniture

The color wheel of restaurant furniture

Colors are an important part of the furnishing process. They convey emotions, influence mood, and are all around the customer; this is why they are one of the main elements of restaurant furniture lik restaurant chairs and bar tables. The dominant shade in a room defines its character and spirit of commercial furniture. We need to understand the possibilities of color, its psychological effects, and the best way to combine colors to suit our tastes and needs. Color can make restaurant furniture exciting, calm, or practical, and we should choose it carefully to give every space the character that best suits its purpose. Nature and art are the most important source of inspiration for color of commercial furniture. Each tone has its own personality, and whether we seek warm, cool, cozy, or serene, we can always find a color palette to meet our needs.

Mariana Eguaras Etchetto, p.150, Originally published in Spain in 2010


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