Spaces and colors in restaurants

Spaces and colors in restaurants

The functions of each room or separated areas in a restaurant determine the type of hotel furniture, the design of the space, and the decoration. However, as color has such a marked influence on mood, its use is fundamental in creating dynamism and energy in the more active rooms, for example, or relaxation and calm in chilling areas. Color not only contributes to a pleasant visual effect that has to belong to the commercial furniture of a hotel; it also influences mood and health. Depending on the location of the hotel and the needs of the inhabitants, we need to understand the meaning of each color and the sensations it produces before selecting the scheme for restaurant furniture. The configuration of colors for each space of commercial furniture as a whole will have a decisive effect on the quality of the stay of the customer. In general, warm colors give light and warmth, and can be used in poorly lit rooms and to create intimacy in dining areas. Cool colors are calming and encourage concentration, and are recommended for cooking and bar areas.

Mariana Eguaras Etchetto, p.50, Originally published in Spain in 2010


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