Furniture in decoration

Furniture in decoration

When working with commercial furniture, the idea of bringing hotel chairs,indoor chairs and outdoor chairs with hall tables and bar tables together into an entire unified environment is the prevailing concept.Regardless whether or not we like banquet chairs or ottomans alone, we must look at it to see if fits in with the general design of the room or adapt the style of the interior design to the commercial furniture, converting it into the main feature.In order to convey our preferred style, we can inject our personality into our business.Multiple styles can work in restaurants: the most simple and elegant styles can be alternated with more elaborate styles.While current trends focus on lighter hotel furniture and fittings and the use of innovative materials in the manufacturing process, this does not exclude the possibility of recycled restaurant furniture or refurbishing old commercial furniture to its original state.

Mariana Eguaras Etchetto, p.50, Originally published in Spain in 2010


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