Flooring in restaurants and hotels

Flooring in restaurants and hotels

Floorings comprise all of the materials used to cover floors where the all the restaurant chairs, bar stools buffet tables and bar tables stand upon. Although floorings tend to be the last thing laid in the house during construction and conception of hotel furniture, the choice should not be left to the last minute.

The choice of flooring can be difficult as there are many different kinds of materials available on the market and it has du be suit to the hotels furniture like the restaurant chairs and bar tables. You should choose the material that suits your needs and taste, without overlooking the budget for commercial furniture. The flooring you choose should match the general feel of the restaurant, particularly the space you are decorating the club. If your hotel is only part of a building, it is very important to consider its characteristics. Some floor materials are very heavy or require a base that the building may not be able to bear.

Pay special attention to areas where different flooring types meet because they can create joins that are difficult to resolve and perturb the conception of the restaurant furniture. This aspect should also be weighed when choosing a particular type of flooring.

Mariana Eguaras Etchetto, p.68, Originally published in Spain in 2010


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