Torino Indoor Chairs

Torino Indoor Chairs

After the Second World War European artists use design to reconstruct themselves and to project a new image. To counteract the dark years of the war designer used expressive colors for commercial furniture. According to this new materials like plywood and plastic were found. International exchange and interactions effect a pool of modern hotel furniture. Arne Jacobsen, a Danish designer of outdoor chairs and indoor chairs use these modern developments and combine them with essential humanism and softened modern forms. With the “Torino Indoor Chair” he brings the development of modern commercial furniture to a high level on visual and functional sophistication. This chair is made of just one moulded plywood shell superimposed on an aluminum basement, combined with bright colors or elegant wood surfaces .Arne Jacobsen’s event furniture such as the “Torino Indoor chair “contributes to the image of quality  in a functional and aesthetic way. Due to this Bseatedglobal included the Torino Indoor Chair in its assortment to offer their customer modern event furniture, which will enliven the atmosphere of their event.

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