Fabrics for commercial furniture

Traditionally used to cover walls, fabric enables the look of spaces and commercial furniture to be changed with relative ease and in different ways.

The most important use of fabric is in restaurant furniture, which becomes features because of their large size. Upholstery for restaurant chairs, event chairs and armchairs is another application for fabric. Lines for beds, bathrooms, and café tables create decorative effects. The current trend is to decorate an entire room using combinations based on the same color range. Commercially available alternatives are varied and some are even labor saving, since wallpapers and fabrics are often sold with the same patterns, and there are different fabric combinations for commercial furniture that allow attractive matching sets to be put together.

Besides the pattern or print on the fabric, another important aspect is the texture. Such textured sound-absorbing fabrics can provide solutions to problems with noise and bring a warm feel to hotel furniture or restaurant furniture.


Mariana Eguaras Etchetto, p.50, Originally published in Spain in 2010


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