Event Chairs

The Antony Chair


Designer: Jean Prouve

The commercial furniture designs of jean Prouve are strongly indicative of his engineering background. He ’industrialized’ commercial chairs using tubular metal and steel and zinc sheets often constructed from prefabricated components. In the 1920s the French designer had already begun to make prefabricated commercial tables, with interchangeable compartments, for the Parisian Electricity Company.

This Chair was originally designed for the University of Strasbourg. It was manufactured by Prouve’s own company, which he founded in 1931.(He gave up commercial furniture design when he left the company in 1953.)

Prouve preferred to leave the techniques of construction- such as welding marks and unfinished surfaces- in evidence. The treatment of the metal on this chair and black paintwork juxtaposed with the smooth surface and warm colour of the wooden restaurant chairs, which flares gently at the beginning and end of the generous curve. The harmony expressed is very much in keeping with the principles of Yin and Yang.

Resource: “Modern Furniture Classics from 1900 to Now”,

Fiona &keith Baker, p.160i, Originally published in England in 2000


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