Characteristics of event chairs

Characteristics of event chairs

A low weight is required, because event chairs have to be portable and handy. An easy transport is also enabled if event chairs are stackable and space-saving.

It should never be forgotten that good event chairs have to be waterproof, strong and stable to be long lasting. Beyond that the surface should also be prepared for outdoor and indoor usage. It goes without saying that a seat has an ergonomic form to be comfortable to sit on it a long time. Thereby safety has to be offered, brackets have to be protected and the seating should be anti-skidding.

Aside from the functional camp we have to acknowledge that event chairs have an elegant and subtle appearance to create a festive and unique but no dominant overall picture. To be in contrast to usual commercial chairs, event chairs should have an individual design.

The event chair is required for a crowd for instance at celebrations, caterings, meeting rooms, festivals, fairs, exhibitions and events.

To offer a comfort the overall surface can be made of foam or sponge especially high density foam enables a distinctive feeling, because open cells at the organic substance arrange an elastic and ergonomic surface. The foam is mostly covered by PU-leather, which gives the surface a waterproof easy-care and breathing surface.

The frame can be made of Plastic, stainless Steel, chrome, timber, bentwood, polycarbonate, aluminum.

Thereby Aluminum is preferred because of its low weight and steadiness.


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