Bentwood Chair Today

Bentwood Chairs Today

Even today the bentwood chair acts a part in the modern hotel furniture.

Its unique shapeliness gets transferred into the modern hotel furniture design of today. To fit the “Nr.14”in the restaurant furniture of today, its elegant curves and its clarity were combined with bright colors and new materials like plastic steel or aluminum. Thonets creation appears in a new light. The “Comeback” of this classical chair created a new modern style used for young cafes and restaurants of today where he has not lost his unique charming.

All in all tradition meets modern design…

Color: Plastic chairs are coated with bright polyutherane paint. Just one color is chosen for each cafe chair to draw the attention on typical forms of the Thonet cafe chair.

Material: Chairs are made of steel or aluminum to make it stronger and more resistant. Aside of this Items are also coated with durable polyester to use for outdoor and indoor. The overall surface of cafe indoor chairs and cafe outdoor chairs bathed in a brilliant.

Upholstery: Restaurant chairs are upholstered by medium density foam to offer more comfort and ergonomic.

Different commercial furniture companies seize the idea of Thonet and market it in a new light. To be the tradition faithful the hotel chairs are produced in original European factories. To offer a huge variety of restaurant furniture designer continue the tradition on the one hand with new aesthetic and on the other hand with functional ideas.

A lot of modern café chairs based on this chair, due to this designer are talking about “chair of chairs”.

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