Concrete Blonde Opens in Kings Cross – So what do we think of their Chairs

I have decided to change the structure of my Blog. Instead of posting information about products I sell
or that are featured on my website, Ive decided to start commenting about Furniture Fitouts in all venues across Sydney and what I actually think about the chairs they use and table settings and other loose furniture pieces.

With this in mind I decided to visit Concrete Blonde the new 2 million dollar fitout that just opened up in Kings Cross
tucked in the corner opposite Hugos Bar Pizza, ( still love Hugos although doesnt seam as popular as it one was?)

So in this mornings Good Living Section Terry Durack decsribes the new venue as a seductive mistress and scores the fare 14 out of 20. All well and good but what do we think of the Dreamtime Australia fitout by Michael McCann and does it hit the mark?

Is the venue a little too Concrete with not enough Blonde? [ when I say Blonde I mean the vivacious friendly ones that apparently always have more fun - not]

So there is an extensive use of timber veneered Charles Eames chairs on stainless steel frames in a white oak finish. I sell Eames chairs and absolutely love them. I assume for the 200 seater restaurant that they are not originals as that would have definately increased their 2 mil budget. Too be honest the factory we purchase our Eames chairs from ventured all over paris to find as many second hand eames chairs as they could and then broke them down to the core to see how they were made and I know this might send designers and commentators into a spin but they started producing a collection that was better than the originals – Sorry Charles and Ray your designs are a classic masterpieces and we love them dearly.

Back to Concrete Blonde – the tables are a dark solid timber and clothless top set upon
a standard stainless steel round base. Not to sure about these a little bit standard for my liking but it does achieve a minimal effect with the chairs, polished concrete flooring and pillars as the show stoppers.

Let me know what you think – I will comment about the outdoor seating a little later
Maybe when the Sydney weather warms up a bit so we can actually venture outside for cocktails – YUM


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