Resin Folding Chair

Resin Folding Chair From B Seated Global from B Seated Global Commercial Furniture Specialists

The Italian Resin folding chair series has good functional design and produced with the highest quality materials. The material used is a composite multi-layer techno-polymer which allows the manufacturing of special event resin folding chairs that are strong (tested at 227 kg) and light (only 4.5kg) and at the same time the lightest resin chair on the market. Because of our superior technology we have no need to reinforce our chair with heavy inserts! Made from a 100% resin it has an interlocking system which allows for easy storage. Used at the academy awards, golden globes and even in episodes of desperate housewives. With a limited lifteime warranty, affordable price point and being the lightest resin foldingchair on the market you do the maths – the choice is simple!


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